What is a Certified Public Bookkeeper?

NACPB’s CPB license is the "premier bookkeeper accreditation." The license provides our clients assurance that your bookkeeper possesses a high degree of experience, expertise, specialized knowledge and ethical responsibility. To become licensed, a candidate must pass a 3-part exam, possess prior bookkeeping experience, sign a code of ethics, and maintain CPE credits each year.

How do you bill for your services?

We have hourly rates as well as an option for Value Pricing. Our standard billing procedure is to set up recurring auto-pay billing on a semi-monthly basis.  All fees and rates are provided up front on a Fee Schedule so there are no surprises.  We believe in billing transparency and that you should never be surprised by a bill from us.

What hours are you available?

We are available during normal business hours, which are 8:30 to 5:30, Monday through Friday. We would be happy to make special arrangements for evening or weekend consultations.

How will you receive my bookkeeping?

Our goal is to simplify your life.  So we will work with you to find the best system, whether it is via mail, drop off, pick up, upload, or even faxing.

What documents will be needed to complete my bookkeeping?

To provide the most accurate service, we typically need the following: all bank and credit card statements, loan statements and/or amortization schedules, check stubs, deposit details, payroll information / reports, merchant statements, and any other documents we may request.

Do I need both a bookkeeper and a CPA?

Absolutely!  CPAs will typically pick up where our services begin to taper off.  The information we prepare is exactly what your CPA needs.  As Certified Public Bookkeepers, we do not provide any type of tax services except for Payroll and sales tax.